Another FREE worksheet set from Brilliant Publications

1) Who won the race?

2) What order did the team come in?

3) Show how you worked it out.

4) Make your own ‘Who Won?’ problem. Open-ended-maths-series

This is just one of the activities that can be found in the set of worksheets that we are giving away, free of charge, from the popular “Open-ended Maths Investigations” series.

Among a few, other activities include:

  • Measuring how much water you use (and can save) when washing your hands,
    from the worksheet Every Little Drop
  • Working out how a group of friends can buy movie tickets with the money that they have,
    from the worksheet Movie Money
  • Calculating the price of clothes after the sales discount has been applied
    from the worksheet Sale Time

Click here to request the free worksheet series.

The activities in the Open-ended Maths Investigations Series encourage pupils to apply higher order mathematical strategies, creatively and effectively. The investigations become increasingly complex as you progress through the series, enabling …read more.

For more information or to order the Open-ended Maths Investigations bundle for £40.00 (hardcopy), visit

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