Free Grammar and Punctuation activities addressing the requirements of the English Programmes of Study for KS1 and KS2

A pupil who is well-spoken is not necessarily a pupil who can write well, not least because he/she might speak with perfect punctuation and grammar but have difficulty applying the same rules to his/her writing.

It is for this reason that we are giving away several activities from our popular Series, “Brilliant Activities for Grammar and Punctuation”, free of charge.

Click here to request your free Grammar & Punctuation activitiesGandP-Gram

The Grammar and Punctuation Series consists of six photocopiable books (one for each year group) and teaches grammatical and punctuation concepts in a fun and memorable way, which will challenge and stimulate the whole class. The sheets are designed for the practice, reinforcement and consolidation of grammar and punctuation skills and address the requirements laid out in the English Programmes of Study.

The books will provide you with the tools you need to teach grammar effectively, including an assessment checklist, and will complement other language and literacy schemes of work. To order the Grammar and Punctuation Series Pack for just £79.00 (hardcopy), visit

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