Bernard stops the bullies

Free assembly story for anti-bullying week

‘Bernard was beginning to realise that being interested in unusual things was not without its problems. Although his friends seemed to think he was interesting and fun to be with, there were others who used Bernard’s unusual habits to be unkind to him.’

Download your free copy of the story, ‘Bernard Stops the Bullies’, to find out what happens to Bernard and how he stops the bullies.

This assembly is from the collection 50 Fantastic Assembly Stories which are all set in Mill Lane Junior School, a fictional school. Children will enjoy getting to know the pupils and staff at Mill Lane and will relate to the moral dilemmas the characters face.

Children will relate to the main characters in the stories as they are the same age as they are, play with the things they play with and are going through the same daily challenges as they are going through. As a result, children will be interested to find out what the characters do in different situations, whether it is confronting a bully, or admitting that they have made a mistake.

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