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by | May 29, 2020 · 2:03 pm

Songs to improve children’s mental health

Looking after children’s mental health and well-being is more important than ever during the Covid 19 virus. This is a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty for children, whatever their circumstances – whether they are in lockdown at home or attending a near-empty school because their parents are key workers. They are understandably worried and concerned.

So, what can we do, as teachers and parents, to improve children’s mental health and well-being?

One thing that has been proven to help reduce stress is music. Research suggests that music can stimulate the body’s natural feel good chemicals such as endorphins, oxytocin. It can help put us in a better mood and help us to take control of our feelings.

This is why children’s TV presenter, Samantha Dorrance, decided to create a new pop band called Sammy & The Sparks.

Sammy & The Sparks songs work by acting as musical affirmations. Each song is designed to teach a different self-help technique in a fun, positive way, helping children be emotionally and mentally equipped. They have songs to help encourage self-acceptance, self-reliance, self-belief… they have songs to help children cope with and understand bullying, loneliness, anxiety etc… they have so many happy songs designed to help your child live their happiest lives.

In addition to writing and sharing songs, Samantha is about to launch “Sammy & The Sparks at home lesson plans” for use at home, during isolation. These lesson plans are designed to:
• Help children explore and understand their feelings.
• Help them deal with their feelings in certain situations.
• Create loving and thoughtful discussions between parents and their children.

The lesson plans will soon be available at Follow Sammy & The Sparks on social media for lesson plan updates.

Brilliant Publications is delighted to include a link to the Sammy & the Sparks website from our special Free resources for the Covid 19 Pandemic page.

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A vague curriculum needn’t mean vague progress

What is the most effective way of interpreting the requirements of the KS2 Programmes of Study for Foreign Languages?

The requirements of the KS2 Programmes of Study for Foreign Languages are somewhat vague. Indeed, how do you translate ‘speak in sentences, using familiar vocabulary, phrases and basic language structures’ into a four-year scheme of work? It is very much open to interpretation.

Not to mention how one might go about interpreting pupils’ progress – what exactly does ‘substantial progress’ look like?

Fortunately, Assessing Primary Languages is a tried and tested resource which has found answers to these questions by breaking the Programmes of Study into achievable, understandable objectives which are then cross-referenced across a total of four stages.

What’s more, the clearly laid out framework makes it possible to implement a unified tracking approach so that measuring pupils’ progress is effortless and, as such, can be used to plan subsequent lessons.

Both specialist and non-specialist teachers will find this rigorous tool, which contains a large number of creative and adaptable ready-to-use activities, to be invaluable.

For more information or to order Assessing Primary Languages for £37.99, simply visit: 

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A Gift for you on World Teachers’ Day!

5th October is World Teachers’ Day!

To celebrate we are offering a 20% discount on all the books and resources on the Brilliant Publications’ website. To get your discount, place your order as normal, then type in WTD18 when asked for a coupon code. Don’t forget to press ‘Apply Coupon’ to get your discount. Please feel free to share this offer with your friends!







Please have a look at our easy to use resources, which feature engaging approaches to learning, so as to inspire and motivate preschool, primary and secondary school pupils across the wide range of curriculum areas. With resources for English, maths, French, Spanish, science, physical education and art (to name a few) – we hope we have something for you. There are free sample pages for each book, so you can try before you buy!

This offer expires Monday, 8th October 2018.

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Celebrate National Poetry Day with lions in the garden!

Today is National Poetry Day and to celebrate we are giving away ‘Lions in the Garden’ a poem by Charlotte Makhlouf from Brilliant Activities for Reading Comprehension, Year 4. The poem comes with questions, word work and extension work, making it easy to use in a lesson.

To download your free copy, click here.

Lions in the Garden

Lions in the Garden

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