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Brilliant new resources for modern foreign languages (MFL)

Our new MFL catalogue is now available! Click here to download your copy.


brilliant-primary-modern foreign languages-catalogue-2017

Brilliant Publications’ Primary Modern Foreign Languages Catalogue


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Brilliant Publications’ after-sales service? Second to none!

We were delighted to receive the following email from one of our customers:

“I must say that the after-sales service that I have received from Brilliant Publications has been second to none.  When I wrote my original email complaining about the accuracy of the workbook, I really didn’t expect a reply.  So to have received several emails plus PDF versions of your publications – this is really very impressive.”

If you like Brilliant Publications, tell others. If you don't, tell us!

Now, obviously, we weren’t happy to realise that there was an error in one of our books – after all they are each proofread by at least three people before they are published – but mistakes sometimes happen. When we received the customer’s email, we immediately did several things:

  • We wrote to thank her for contacting us and promised to send her a revised copy of the book as soon as possible
  • We also sent her a free ebook of one of our other titles, to thank her for her help
  • We amended the book and updated the ebook version of the book on our website straight away
  • We reprinted the book and scrapped all the incorrect copies left in our warehouse
  • We contacted all the customers who ordered the book direct from us, sending them corrected pages (unfortunately we have no way of tracing customers who purchase the books from other sellers, so weren’t able to contact them)
  • We put an addendum on our website.

All in a day’s work here at Brilliant Publications! (Fortunately, days like this don’t happen very often. Most of the time we are busy trying to create great educational resources that both teachers and pupils will enjoy using.)

If you have any comments on our books or our service – good or bad – please do contact us. We’d love to hear from you!


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What makes Brilliant Publications’ books … ‘brilliant’?

Well, we could give you some synonyms (many of which are in our online reviews): exceptionally clever or talented, inventive, creative, outstanding, impressive, remarkable, exceptional, glorious, superb, excellent, first-rate …

But we thought it might be more helpful if we gave you four reasons:

We provide support

All our authors have teaching backgrounds. In fact, the majority are still full-time teachers. This means that they know what works in the classroom. All the ideas have been tried and tested, so you know that they will be relevant and will help children to learn.

9781783170913 Teach French with Luc et Sophie Brilliant Publications

Teach French with Luc et Sophie

Take, for example, Teach French with Luc et Sophie, our story book approach to teaching French. The teacher’s guides contain everything you need: lesson plans, vocabulary lists, English translations, worksheets, grammar points, supplementary worksheets, play scripts and more. The accompanying CD-Rom contains songs, audio versions of the stories, e-book versions of the stories, so that they can be displayed on an Interactive Whiteboard, along with Smartboard games.



We encourage creativity

9781783170739 Brilliant Activities for Reading Comprehension Year 5 Brilliant Publications

Brilliant Activities for Reading Comprehension, Year 5

We want children to be engaged and enjoy what they are doing – as that will help them to stay on task. This is why we particularly like our Brilliant Activities for Reading Comprehension series. We decided that if we are asking children to read, understand and answer questions from a passage, that passage should at least engage their attention, and indeed their teacher’s attention as well. We’ve even provided cross-curricular activities to go with each passage, enabling children to respond to the passages in a variety of creative ways.



We embrace challenge

9781903853740 Maths Problem Solving, Year 1 Brilliant Publications

Maths Problem Solving, Year 1

Important as it is that activities are attention grabbing, this isn’t enough. Children must be challenged to do their best.  This is why our books contain activities to challenge children of all abilities. In the Maths Problem Solving series, for example, there are three versions of each activity, so you can give the children the right sheet for their ability. The level of complexity of the sums vary but the line of questioning remains the same, so all children are developing the same concepts, while at the same time being stretched.



We offer convenience

Our books will save you hours of preparation and planning time. Most are available as both printed books and e-pdfs, so you can buy the format that suits you. We even offer a special discount if you want to buy both together. We also have many e-resources, some costing as little at 99p, so you only need to buy the resources you need.

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Me and My Job – Priscilla Hannaford

The Independent Publishers Guild (IPG) asked me to write a blog for their ‘Me and My Job’ section on their website. Here it is!

Priscilla Hannaford, Managing Director, Brilliant Publications

Priscilla Hannaford, Managing Director, Brilliant Publications

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Are educational publishers just in it for the money?

Let me start by saying that I, for one, am passionately concerned about education and schools. I want our books to have a positive influence on schools. For this reason all our resources are written by teachers and we won’t publish something if we don’t think it isn’t of good enough quality. This means that sometimes publication schedules slip, as we spend more time than initially allocated, ensuring that both teachers and pupils will find our resources easy to use and that children will enjoy doing the activities.

The same holds true for the majority of educational publishers who I meet. They genuinely care about what happens in schools. Therefore I was very saddened by an article in the Daily Mail saying that educational publishers are just in it for the money.

Most educational publishing companies are commercial organisations so, yes, they do want to make money – money to pay their staff, money to invest in developing new materials. However, that doesn’t mean that the people developing the material don’t care about education and the quality of the materials they produce.

The unfortunate (and rather silly) person interviewed on the video (who I understand has now lost her job) was not on the team developing the resources. She was a sales person. In my experience, most sales people, no matter what they are selling, are interested in making money.

The article then uses this as an argument against the Common Core (which, for those of you who don’t know, sets out the minimum standards that children in the USA should reach). The article’s argument goes as follows: publishers make money through publishing resources to enable teachers to teach the Common Core. A sales rep says she does it for the money and not to improve the quality of education. Therefore Common Core is bad and should be scrapped.

Altogether it is a very silly article, but it did make me annoyed!


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The view from Brilliant Publications’ window

Normally we have a fabulous view of St Mary’s Church in Edlesborough  (built in the 13th century) from our office windows.

View of St Mary's Church, Edlesborough, from Brilliant Publications' window

Sunny view of St Mary’s Church, Edlesborough, from Brilliant Publications’ window

Today, however, the view is rather different!

View of St Mary's Church, Edlesborough, from Brilliant Publications' window

Foggy view of St Mary’s Church, Edlesborough, from Brilliant Publications’ window

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How Brilliant Publications got its name

I am often asked how Brilliant Publications became ‘brilliant’, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Many years ago, when I was working at Heinemann Education, I met up with my friend and author, Irene Yates, at the Education Show. While walking round the exhibition we noticed a few companies selling very poorly designed and produced photocopiable resources. (It’s hard to believe it now, but back then the idea of photocopiable resource sheets was a novel idea.)

As Irene and I were having a well-deserved cup of coffee, we turned to each other and both said at the same time, ‘We could do better than that!’ What an omen, we thought!

What started off as a random thought, gradually took shape over the course of the next year, as Irene and I continued to bounce ideas about.

We kept saying ‘that’s brilliant, that’s brilliant’ about each other’s ideas so, when we decided to form a company to put our ideas into practice, Brilliant Publications was the obvious name choice.

I have a particular reason for thinking of this story today, as Irene’s husband, Paul, died this morning. Paul had been suffering with dementia for a long time. Not only was he Irene’s husband and my close friend, he also persuaded Warwick Printing, who he was working for at the time, to give us a good printing deal on our first books. I’m still finding it hard to believe that one of the kindest, most positive people I’ve ever known is no longer with us. RIP Paul.

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