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Sheila Blackburn talks about being a children’s author

Sheila Blackburn has just been interviewed by Ink Pantry. Read Sheila’s interview here.

Sheila Blackburn is the author of:

Stewie Scraps and the Giant Joggers - Brilliant Publications

Stewie Scraps and the Giant Joggers

Stewie Scraps

Stewie Scraps is an unlikely hero. He doesn’t do sport. He hasn’t got any time for sums or things like that, but he is great at making things. Children will love Stewie’s amazing technological creations – all made from bits and bobs from his dad’s junk shop.
Stewie Scraps is a very likeable character and this series of six adventure stories will appeal to all readers of both sexes. The gripping storylines and simple language make them particularly suitable for use with reluctant readers.

Sam’s Football Stories

Training Night, form Sam's Football Stories, Set A - Brilliant Publications

Training Night, form Sam’s Football Stories, Set A

Sam’s Football Stories are specially written to stimulate and motivate your slower learners and reluctant readers. The books will appeal particularly to reluctant boy readers. The 12 compelling stories tell the story of Sam, a football crazy boy.








Ink Pantry Publishing evolved from a social media group of creative writing students from The Open University who wanted to create an inspiring and supportive platform for new writers.

Sheila Blackburn – author of Stewie Scraps and Sam's Football Stories - Brilliant Publications

Sheila Blackburn





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Brilliant new resources for modern foreign languages (MFL)

Our new MFL catalogue is now available! Click here to download your copy.


brilliant-primary-modern foreign languages-catalogue-2017

Brilliant Publications’ Primary Modern Foreign Languages Catalogue

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Need to do an assembly? Don’t panic!

Our new assemblies catalogue is now available!

Brilliant Publications Assemblies Catalogue 2017

Brilliant Publications’ Primary School Assemblies Catalogue 2017

Click here to download a copy.

We have a range of assembly story books covering personal and social development, religious and curriculum topics. So, if you’ve been asked to take an assembly at short notice, don’t panic! All the books are available as e-books, enabling you to download and use them straight away.


Are your assemblies in the main Christian?

Our latest assembly book, Modern Christian Assembly Stories written by Gary Nott, is now available. This collection has 50 contemporary stories, all with a Christian theme, making it ideal for schools wishing to ensure that their c

9781783172283-Modern Christian Assembly Stories - Brilliant Publications

Modern Christian Assembly Stories

ollective worship is, in the main, Christian.

Here are just some of the characters you will meet:

  • Billy loses his trunks whilst swimming at school – how embarrassing! What will he do? Listen to his hilarious story.
  • David is missing his best friend, who has left school. Then he meets Arthur, the new boy. Arthur is different. He is autistic: he canʼt speak. How can David make friends with him?
  • Joshua is fascinated with fire but one day goes too far and sets light to his school. What will his headteacher and parents say?
  • Katherine is excited when she is chosen to be head girl. Then she receives a poison pen letter from a jealous classmate. How will she cope with her disappointment?
  • Mr Ripple has an idea for a class assembly with a difference. He asks his class to bring their pets into school. Then things start to go wrong with consequences he could not have foreseen.

Don’t forget – there are sample assembly stories from all our assembly books on our website – so you can try before you buy!

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Something for our Welsh customers!

Brilliant Publications Resources for Teaching Welsh

Brilliant Publications’ Resources for Welsh Primary Schools

I’m pleased to announce that our new Welsh catalogue is now available. Click here to download a copy.

In it you will find details of all our Welsh resources, including our new set of 6 maths problem solving books – Datrys Problemau Mathemateg. The activities develop problem solving skills and strategies, using a variety of ‘real life’ situations. The problems vary in length and complexity. Differentiated sheets allow you to challenge the most able and give additional support to those that need it.

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New maths resources for primary schools

Our new maths catalogue is now available! Click here to download a copy!

We are especially proud of our new Mighty Fun Activities for Practising Times Tables, featuring Mighty Hypersonic Heather, Twirling Tornado Tony and many other superheroes!

These superheroes all share one mission – to make practising times tables fun!

Brilliant Publications maths catalogue 2017

Brilliant Pubications’ maths catalogue for primary schools

Unfortunately, our mighty superheroes have a problem! Super villain Dennis the Demon Digit Demolisher has an evil plan to rid the world of numbers … .  Can your pupils solve the problems in time to stop him sabotaging the Trans-galaxy Superhero Games?

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Brilliant Publications’ after-sales service? Second to none!

We were delighted to receive the following email from one of our customers:

“I must say that the after-sales service that I have received from Brilliant Publications has been second to none.  When I wrote my original email complaining about the accuracy of the workbook, I really didn’t expect a reply.  So to have received several emails plus PDF versions of your publications – this is really very impressive.”

If you like Brilliant Publications, tell others. If you don't, tell us!

Now, obviously, we weren’t happy to realise that there was an error in one of our books – after all they are each proofread by at least three people before they are published – but mistakes sometimes happen. When we received the customer’s email, we immediately did several things:

  • We wrote to thank her for contacting us and promised to send her a revised copy of the book as soon as possible
  • We also sent her a free ebook of one of our other titles, to thank her for her help
  • We amended the book and updated the ebook version of the book on our website straight away
  • We reprinted the book and scrapped all the incorrect copies left in our warehouse
  • We contacted all the customers who ordered the book direct from us, sending them corrected pages (unfortunately we have no way of tracing customers who purchase the books from other sellers, so weren’t able to contact them)
  • We put an addendum on our website.

All in a day’s work here at Brilliant Publications! (Fortunately, days like this don’t happen very often. Most of the time we are busy trying to create great educational resources that both teachers and pupils will enjoy using.)

If you have any comments on our books or our service – good or bad – please do contact us. We’d love to hear from you!


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Sheila Blackburn launches new website!

Sheila Blackburn, the author of the Stewie Scraps and Sam’s Football Stories books, has just launched her new website. Please have a look!

Sheila-blackburn - Brilliant Publications - author of Stewie Scraps and Sam's Football Stories

Sheila Blackburn, author of Stewie Scraps and Sam’s Football Stories

Stewie Scraps has always been one of my favourite characters. Stewie doesn’t do sport. He hasn’t got any time for sums or things like that, but he does like technology; designing and making stuff using the scrap in his dad’s junk shop.

Sam, on the other hand, is football mad! Follow his adventures as he joins a football team and starts to enter matches!

Both series appeal to readers of all ages, but they are particularly good for use with reluctant readers, especially boys.

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