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It’s springtime – gardening activities are a great teaching resource

Gardening – Activities for 3 to 5 year olds

For example, ask the children to fill several plant pots with potting compost and plant seeds or cuttings. Water them and place transparent, colourless plastic bottles which you have cut in half over some of the pots to form mini greenhouses. Explain to the children why you are going to cover some of the pots and leave others uncovered. Otherwise treat all the pots the same: give them the same quantities of water and keep them in the same place, so that they get the same amount of light and heat. Every day observe what has happened to the plants and to the plastic bottles. As an extension activity the children could measure the temperature in the plastic bottles and in the room.

Afterwards talk with the children about which plants have grown the fastest and why that might be. Talk about how plants need warmth to grow and that they grow more rapidly in a warm atmosphere. The plastic bottles have a film of condensation on the inside which helps to keep the plants moist.

Further details about this activity can be found here.

This is just one activity out of many in Gardening: Activities for 3 – 5 year olds, published by Brilliant Publications.

For more information or to order Gardening: Activities for 3 – 5 year old for just £6.50, visit


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“Can you see the wind?” Free worksheet series from Brilliant Publications.

On a windy day go outside with the children and watch streamers blowing. Ask the children whether they can see and feel the effects of the wind on their faces and clothes. Watch the trees and plants move in the wind. Continue reading

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Understanding Science: activities and worksheets

Some pupils can find it difficult to grasp the concepts in the primary Science Programmes of Study. They want answers to questions such as: Why is the sky blue? How can the universe be infinite? Why don’t planes fall out of the sky?

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Teaching chemistry with Minecraft

Tens of millions of children (and many adults) play the virtual-reality game Minecraft. But can it be educational as well as just fun?

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World Maths Day – 6th March 2013

I am a bit late letting you all know about this. World Maths Day is TODAY!

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Moving and trapped air: free teaching resource

I recently read an article about wind (think weather here, not bodily function) that gave a brilliant idea for a game to show children what wind is – more of that later …

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World Water Day, 22nd March 2012: free teaching resource

Hosepipe bans are to be enforced over a large part of the UK in April. When do your children use a hosepipe? To fill a paddling pool? To wash the family car? Can they think of any ways to save water?

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