Free creative teaching resources – English

These are the archived posts highlighting resources for English.

Its it’s not its!

World Spelling Day

World Book Day

Did you get the meaning?

Getting the meaning

Sound that vowel

Persuasive, innovative or creative?

Brian Mose’s blog inspires children to write poetry

Which sound?

Sounds in Words

Using nursery rhymes – Hickory, dickory, dock

Reading isn’t just about books

Prediction skills – Find two

Spelling unruly words

Dictionary game

Sunshine acrostic

Football season – free reading book giveaway

Are you ready for Christmas yet?

Holiday disasters

Thinking in pictures

Noun word puzzle

Book titles

Brain ‘warm-up’ activities

Personal rain catcher

Verbs in sentences

Formal and informal language

Meet the author of Stewie Scraps

Stewie Scraps stories (free book)

Phrases and sentences

Spelling ‘roots’ 

Embarrassing poetry

Vowels and consonants

Two timely tasks

Shakespeare anyone?

Are you listening?

Football stories (and a free book giveaway)

Chopstick challenge

A phonic rhyme puzzle

Mum‛s Infallible Method for Solving Arguments about Who Gets the Biggest Slice of Cream Cake (poem)

A persuasive rap

Phonics wordsearch

Letter ‘d’

Feelings poem

Duster slippers for cats


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