Free creative teaching resources – PSHE

These are the archived posts highlighting resources for PSHE.

Time for a spring clean

Earth Hour: 31st March 2012 at 8.30pm

Self image/body dysmorphia

Busy machine

Vitamin D

Telling the time

Persuasive, innovative or creative?

Visualize changing shapes

Why are boys often competitive?

National Stress Awareness Day

Feeling welcome

An assembly on disability

A basket of friendly flowers

Alligator swamp

Taking turns

Make yourself approachable

A sense of self

One of your five a day just got a modern look

Grandparents assembly

Happy and healthy

What is self-esteem anyway?

Brain ‘warm-up’ activities

Personal rain catcher

People who help us

‘That’s Rubbish’ project (litter and composting)

Natural Disasters

A rhythm round – no musical ability required

Embarrassing poetry

Healthy Food – Bread Pizza

Healthy Eating – fruit salad

Are you listening?

How much do you use the right side of your brain?

A complete assembly

Chopstick challenge

Teamwork and cooperation

Creative thinking

Brainteasers and a prize draw;    (Brainteaser answers)

Pretzel relay – a playground game

Assembly story (SEAL – Problem solving)

Hand exercises

At the bus stop


Feelings poem

Give a smile


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