Free creative teaching resources – Science

This is a list of our posts with a science theme.

Earth Hour: 31st March 2012 at 8.30pm

World Water Day (2012)

National Science and Engineering Week

World Science Day

Planet shapes

Is it a living thing?

To all coffee drinkers – a science conundrum

Stretch and shape

Preparing a microscope slide

Using a microscope

Aluminium fact file

Sundials and shadows

How hot is it?

Pollution solution

Make an electric quiz board

Happy and healthy

The science of atoms

Dissolving and evaporation

Unbalanced forces

Body parts vocabulary (in any language!)

‘That’s Rubbish’ project (litter and composting)

Science in French

What do they think they know?

Healthy eating 

Bottled up

Fair testing of products


Make a lighthouse

World water day

How can you make your shadow bigger?


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