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Free creative teaching resource – one line drawing

Create a realistic one line drawing like Paul Klee (1879-1940). It takes a lot of concentration!

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Word of the day #48: villain

Word of the Day is designed to help children learn how to use a dictionary, whilst simultaneously expanding their vocabulary. Today’s Word of the Day begins with the letter ‘V’. The word is: villain.


n a wicked person or a person guilty of a crime. In a play or a novel, a character whose evil actions are important to the plot.

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12-year-old’s Crocodile Poem Published in Over 50 Books!

This story goes back a long way, back to 1957. When Christine Fletcher was a 12-year-old student at King Henry’s Grammar School in Otley, Yorkshire she was asked to write a poem about an animal. She doesn’t remember why she chose to write about a crocodile, but distinctly remembers being very pleased with her decision to abbreviate “whenever” to “whene’er” to keep the rhythm in her poem, “If you should meet a crocodile”.  She handed in the poem and thought nothing of it. Here is Christine’s crocodile poem, reproduced with her permission:

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Poems for Teachers #3: Rubric for Enjoying a Firework Display

Each stanza of this poem follows the pattern of a Haiku: three lines of five syllables, seven syllables and then five syllables. The fact that there are five stanzas makes it balance.

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Review: Painting is a Class Act

What a bright, colourful enticing book to help the jaded class teacher who is embarking upon yet another mad painting session!  It is designed to put the skills back into the teaching of art, by using paint as a challenging medium. This book has inspired me to dig out the paints and give the children some quality art teaching. Continue reading

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