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Get your pupils writing French phrases!

The KS2 Programme of Study for foreign languages provides a skeleton outline of what needs to be taught at KS2. This is great if you are a language specialist Continue reading


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New secondary foreign languages catalogue!

Do you teach French, Spanish or German at Key Stage 3? If so, you should have a look at our new secondary foreign languages catalogue. We’ve got lots of practical resources to make your life easier.

Brilliant Publications - Secondary Modern Foreign Languages Catalogue

Secondary Modern Foreign Languages Catalogue


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51% of schools not confident at teaching MFL

According to the NFER Teacher Voice Omnibus (which has just been published by the DFE), only 51% of the 2088 senior leaders in primary and secondary schools reponding reported that they felt confident about implementing the National Curriculum for foreign languages.

Confidence levels were also low for computing, with only 40% of those surveyed feeling confident.

On the positive side, however, most senior leaders were confident about implementing the new National Curriculum in English, maths and science (80%, 78% and 71% respectively).

You can read the full report here:


As a linguaphile, I hope that now schools are feeling more confident about the core subjects, they will be able to turn some of their attention to foreign language teaching and resources.

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Mr Gove’s 12 MFL requirements. All ticked and done

Read carefully, show understanding. (And that’s just one of the 12!)

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What’s the benefit of learning a second language at primary school?

Of course, one answer is that it speeds up the process of learning that language in secondary school.

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Free MFL catalogue to download

You can now download a free catalogue from our website showing our MFL resources. We also have a SPECIAL OFFER, MFL PACKS catalogue available. Why don’t you go and check them out?

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Gove proposes teaching MFL from age 5

In a pre-Conservative conference interview, Michael Gove, the education secretary, proposed that every child aged 5 or over should be learning a foreign language. Having had 16 months of the coalition government saying lukewarm statements such as ‘primary schools that are teaching a foreign language at the moment should feel free to continue to do so,’ I’m very pleased that the education secretary has come out in support of primary foreign languages.

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