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A tried and test way of teaching French phonics

What more can be done to enhance your pupils’ learning of the French language?

Physical French Phonics - Brilliant Publications

Physical French Phonics

Some pupils find learning another language a particularly difficult task – partly because there is a whole new set of vocabulary to learn and remember, but also because English phonics cannot be applied to aid them with the pronunciation of this new vocabulary.

Thus a whole new phonics system must be learnt, which is why we have published Physical French Phonics – a tried and tested system for teaching French phonics which in 2012 was a European Language Label winning project.

Through using Physical French Phonics your pupils will not only learn how to correctly pronounce the French vocabulary that is introduced, but they will also gain the skills to tackle any new vocabulary they encounter with confidence.

How it works

For each phoneme, students learn an action, as well as the graphemes associated with that sound. Cheerful colourful cartoon pictures link the actions to the sounds and help to facilitate learning.

The DVD contains everything you need, from video clips of French speakers saying each sound and performing the associated action and audio clips of all the phonemes and words introduced, to attractive full-colour flashcards and resource sheets and interactive whiteboard files for all the phonemes.

Furthermore, the comprehensive teacher’s guide provides a clear step-by-step approach to introducing pupils to French phonemes. It contains practical advice, activities and guidance, along with photocopiable games and reference sheets.

You can find the complete list of Physical French Phonics’ resources by visiting this link. And to see a sample video from the DVD and a video showing children using the system, please do have a look at our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/physicalfrenchphonics.


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The most popular languages in primary schools

According to the Language Trends Survey 2014, 75% of primary schools teach French and 20% teach Spanish. That leaves just 5% teaching other languages.

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