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Times tables and the mental block

Is it too much to hope that ALL your pupils will be fluent in their times tables?

There is a reason why some of us can’t decode maths problems. An increasing understanding of dyscalculia among professionals has meant that pupils with the specific learning difficulty are getting more access to materials which will help them to overcome their difficulties with maths.

For a pupil with dyscalculia, the very essence of number cannot be understood – thus, manipulating numbers with mathematical functions can be somewhat of a challenge. Indeed, it is possible for some dyscalculic pupils to understand numbers and simple mathematical functions (addition and subtraction) using mainstream methods, albeit at a slower rate than their peers. However, when the pupil advances to learning multiplication and division, there is often a mental blockage.

These pupils need to learn maths, and the functions of multiplication and division, using a multi-sensory approach. Using a multi-sensory approach with non-dyscalculic pupils has also proven to improve mathematical performance.

It is for this reason that we have produced: Fun Games and Activities for Teaching Times Tables.

This book provides stimulating and imaginative games to make the process of learning the times tables both effective and fun. The games require minimal preparation and ensure that all children gain a firm understanding of their times tables and will be able to recall and apply them rapidly and accurately.

The first half of the book contains games specifically aimed at teaching the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. The second half contains games appropriate for any of the times tables. These games are subdivided into three groups:

  • Games for learning each table in sequence
  • Games to test pupils’ memories and thinking skills as they try to identify the table they are working on
  • Games to teach children the different factors that can make up each answer.

For more information or to order Fun Games and Activities for Teaching Times Tables for just £18.50 as a printed book, £12.99 as an e-book or both for a discounted price of £22.40, visit https://www.brilliantpublications.co.uk/book/fun-games-and-activities-for-teaching-times-tables-746.


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Another FREE worksheet set from Brilliant Publications

1) Who won the race?

2) What order did the team come in?

3) Show how you worked it out.

4) Make your own ‘Who Won?’ problem. Continue reading

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New maths resources for primary schools

Our new maths catalogue is now available! Click here to download a copy!

We are especially proud of our new Mighty Fun Activities for Practising Times Tables, featuring Mighty Hypersonic Heather, Twirling Tornado Tony and many other superheroes!

These superheroes all share one mission – to make practising times tables fun!

Brilliant Publications maths catalogue 2017

Brilliant Pubications’ maths catalogue for primary schools

Unfortunately, our mighty superheroes have a problem! Super villain Dennis the Demon Digit Demolisher has an evil plan to rid the world of numbers … .  Can your pupils solve the problems in time to stop him sabotaging the Trans-galaxy Superhero Games?

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Primary school teachers should study maths post-GCSE

A report from the Advisory Council on Mathematics Education (ACME) suggests teachers responsible for maths in both primary and secondary schools need better qualifications and training.


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Replacements for bread tags – the problems of being an educational publisher

We recently bought the UK rights to an excellent series of books called ‘Open-ended Maths Investigations’ from Blake Publishing in Australia. As always when we buy in a book, we need to check it carefully to ensure that it fits our curriculum and what happens in UK schools. This has been relatively easy for this series, but one thing has stumped us – bread tags.

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How to master the skill of problem solving

Many people, even in adulthood, find the unravelling of problems in order to find solutions very difficult if not impossible. So how can we teach children how to solve problems?

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Ofsted and solving problems within the numeracy framework

Many problem solving skills and strategies do not come naturally to children – and so they have to be taught.

Indeed, it is not enough for children to be able to count, recognize numbers and calculate.  Children need to be able to use problem solving skills alongside maths knowledge to help them to succeed in a variety of ‘real life’ situations.

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