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We’re all professionals here

We can’t be experts in everything, but we still have to deal with everything.

Now I want to make a confession – which I hope you might keep to yourself.  You see,  I’m pretty naff at sports and games.

Well actually, more than pretty naff.  I really just don’t have that hand-eye coordination that is fundamental when it comes to catching a ball.  Or throwing a ball come to that.

And then, not to put too fine a point on it, I don’t have much coordination between my legs and the rest of my body either.

Of course, I am sure your colleagues don’t suffer in this way, but I have to say that when I was offered the chance to publish a pack of PE challenges, written for teachers who don’t have much knowledge of PE, I jumped at the chance.

Not because they are lacking in coordination like me, but rather because coordinated or not, if they have no background in PE, they may well be finding PE lessons less than their favourite time of the week.

And so we have published a set of handbooks that enable teachers to deliver outstanding PE lessons with maximum pupil participation, no matter what their own physical abilities.

But there’s another point – because just as we, as teachers, are all different, so are the children, and so I was insistent that the materials include individual, group and whole class activities.  As a result, everyone can be involved.

Better still, because the book is not written for the PE trained teacher, the activities are laid out to complement the September 2014 National Curriculum Physical Education requirements. That’s another easy reduction in your workload!

Thus if you have a colleague who is not completely excited by the regular PE lessons she/he has to take, you can simply hand over a copy of the 50 Brilliant PE Challenges for the appropriate age group, and everyone will be happy.

For more information and examples of the activities please do take a look at our website.  I do believe some of your colleagues might well feel that their weekly schedule has just got a lot easier to handle.

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