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Practical Foundation Stage science and technology

What is the simplest way of organising and undertaking regular practical science and technology at Foundation Stage?

The answer must be to have available a multiplicity of activities in which the children can participate.

For it is only through participating in science and technology, while being guided by adults, that foundation stage pupils are able to have their curiosity stimulated while their knowledge of what science and technology are about grows at the same time.

In short, the doing of science and technology has to be the basis of learning, while the guidance and direction is also always present.

It is to answer this need to find multiple activities which give foundation pupils the chance actively to participate in science and technology, that we have published a new edition of Science and Technology for the Early Years (2nd edition).

And to show you exactly how we meet this aim of practical activities suitable for children at foundation level we have made an extract from the book available, completely free, on line.  

To see one complete project taken from “Science and Technology for the Early Years (2nd Edition)” please click here You will also be able to review the whole index of 100+ activities included in the book here.

This activity is one of over 100 science and technology sessions that can be undertaken in the classroom, which are explored in detail in the book.   Also provided in the book are multiple ideas for designing resource areas to stimulate purposeful play.

You can order Science and Technology for the Early Years (2nd Edition) on our website either as a PDF for £12.99 or as a hardcopy book for £18.50. There is also the option to buy the hardcopy and PDF together at a discounted price of £22.40.

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Top 10 summer activities for the early years

Looking for fun preschool activities now that summer is here? Here are 10 fun activities that young children will love – whether you are at home or in a nursery, mother and toddler group, playgroup or other early years setting.

9781903853719 Creative Activities for the Early Years Brilliant Publications

Creative Activities for the Early Years

  1. Make giant ice creams. Use light brown A4 paper rolled into a cone and fastened with tape. Fill with scrap paper and glue cotton wool on top as ice cream. Add details like rolled up tubes of paper as a flake, or coloured paint drizzled over as sauce.
  2. Talk about: Has anyone been to the seaside? What was it like?
  3. Make sandcastle pictures by spreading glue all over sandcastle-shaped pieces of card. Decorate with paper shells and flags, and make seaweed from scrunched-up tissue paper.
  4. Sing ‘The Sun has got his Hat on’ – excellent for dancing to and can be found on lots of children’s recordings.
  5. Put out paper, brushes and paints and allow the children to ‘free paint’.
  6. Talk about Pirates: keep it simple and do not make it too true to life! They sailed the seas in big ships, buried treasure and had parrots on their shoulders.
  7. Cut out some simple paper ships and allow the children o paint them. Encourage the children to paint their own flags. They don’t all have to paint the Jolly Roger!
  8. Have a summer picnic outdoors. If the weather is bad, just hold the picnic inside. You could even decorate the room with branches and flowers.
  9. Why not ask the children to bring a teddy and have a teddy bears’ picnic?
  10. Hold a treasure hunt outdoors. Give children a list of things they have to find such as – three different leaves, a red/blue/yellow flower, a small stone, a daisy, a twig – these can be swapped for cut-out coloured shapes if you’re indoors.

For more summer activities for young children get Barbara Melling’s Creative Activities for the Early Years. This book contains over 160 art and craft activities for use by reception classes, nurseries, playgroups, and mother and toddler groups –as well as by parents and carers, on a variety of popular early years themes.

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Poems for Teachers: #2

Dawdling Dinosaurs

Danny the dinosaur dawdled all day.

Dragging around where dinosaurs play.

Drowsy and dozy, dreaming he lay,

Till Mum shouted ‘Lunch Time!’, then hey……

He’s away!

This poem is taken from Fun with Action Rhymes and Poems by Brenda Williams. It is ideal for young children and can be played as a game.

How about: getting your pupils to act out the poem? One child can be ‘Mum’ and have a race following the last line. The first to reach ‘Mum’ becomes the next ‘Mum’.

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