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A comprehensive French resource with cross-curricular links


Petites Étoiles – 2nd edition 

Introduce French to Young Children through Rhymes, Songs and Activities

★      Introduce young children to French language learning

★      Easy integration into your lesson planning

★      Accessible for specialist and non-specialist teachers alike

★      Comprehensive resource with cross-curricular links

★      Improves pronunciation and develops intercultural understanding

Other reasons for using Petites Étoiles:

  Suitable for children in Reception and Key Stage One

  Based on 18 popular topics, such as toys, food,animals and celebrations

  Each unit focuses on a rhyme or song and contains sufficient activities for at least half a term

  Provides lesson plans and practical, play-oriented activities, ranging from role-play and miming to phonics games and mask making

  Accompanying discs contain audio recordings of the songs, video clips to aid pronunciation of key sounds, as well as a huge bank of reproducible resources, IWB games and much more.

✓  Extension activities for older or more able children

For more information or to order Petites Etoiles for just £37.99, visit https://www.brilliantpublications.co.uk/book/petites-toiles-2nd-edition-794


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The idea and the poem

When it comes down to it there are perhaps two main ways of approaching poetry – one is with an emphasis on ideas which can be expressed poetically, the other is focusing on the structure and rhyme of the poem itself. Continue reading


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Poems for Teachers: #1

I Can Do Opposites

I can stand up

Or I can sit down

I can smile

Or I can frown

I can run

Or I can walk

I can be quiet

Or I can talk

I can be happy

Or I can be sad

I can taste good things

Or I can taste bad

I can jump in

Or I can jump out

I can whisper

Or I can shout!

This poem is taken from Fun with Action Rhymes and Poems by Brenda Williams. It is ideal for young children and can be combined with actions to increase the concentration of the pupils.

How about: getting your pupils to show they can do opposites by performing the opposite actions to the line that’s being read?

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