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Multi-Sensory English Literature

What is the most effective way of helping reluctant readers to study a set text?

Over the past 100 years the multi-sensory learning approach pioneered by Maria Montessori has been shown to be a highly effective way of teaching – especially for students who do not respond strongly to single-sense learning.

Unfortunately, the range of multi-sensory resources available for teaching and learning involving set texts in English has been limited.  But it is growing with the use of graphic revision guides.

These have been shown not only to benefit a wide range of students, including reluctant readers, disaffected students and those with dyslexia, but also those students who find the study of a full-length novel difficult to undertake.

It is for all these students that we have produced our Graphic Revision Guide for A Christmas Carol.

This volume develops the student’s understanding of the plot, the key themes and the characters, so that when the student then returns to the full text she or he is able at once to focus on the unfolding story as Dickens created it. 

What’s more, those students who find it hard to picture what literary characters look and act like now find it much easier to understand motives and actions. Those who struggle to follow the plot, now know its direction of travel.

In short, the classic text is no longer hard work for these students, but instead becomes an enjoyable read.  Meanwhile the activities provided in terms of, for example, matching quotes to pictures and drawing character maps, are entered upon with enthusiasm and will help students bring to mind the ideal quote when they sit their exam.

Better still, the resources are printed in black and white for easy photocopying and enlarging.

There is more information on this volume on our website along with other books from the same series of graphic novels.

The book can be ordered as a printed copy for £16.50 or as a PDF download for £10.99. There is also an option to buy the printed copy and the PDF together as a discounted price. Just choose what you want on our website.

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The story’s the thing

What is the simplest way of getting students who are disinclined to read a book, to read the book?

For some students the chance to get involved with a classic such as Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Jekyll and Hyde, etc, is very welcome.  These are the students who have found the joy of books and who want to read.
But, of course, there are those who look at such books – even when they have alluring stories within them that might appeal to their interests – and back away.  They have defined books as not being part of their world.
So the question is, how to get these students started.
One way of doing this is to give the students an overview of the complete book within a format that they will find acceptable. And that is where graphic books come into their own.
Graphic books give students who are unexcited by the opportunity of approaching a complete novel a chance to grasp the story and come to terms with the characters before they start reading.
In this way when they do turn to reading the original, everything is already clear to them and they are now able to enjoy the depth of the story in full book form.
Hence they are no longer put off by language from an earlier era, a multiplicity of minor characters, or the amount of reading involved.  Everything is now familiar and acceptable.
This is why we have produced our series of Graphic Revision Guides.  Five volumes are now available: Jane EyrePride and PrejudiceGreat ExpectationsJekyll and Hyde and A Christmas Carol.

What’s more, the Graphic Revision Guides series is available both as printed books and as e-books, or you can purchase both formats together at a discounted price

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FREE Les problèmes logiques et latéraux for developing French reading & interpreting skills at KS3 and KS4

This is just one of the activities in the FREE worksheet series from the popular resource, Les problèmes logiques et latéraux. To request your copy of the FREE worksheet series, simply visit www.brilliantpublications.co.uk/pages/render_page/115.

The puzzles in this book are a fun, challenging and engaging way to practise reading French, designed to consolidate and extend French vocabulary on a variety of topics whilst training the participant’s brain to solve problems.

Les problèmes logiques et latéraux is arranged by the main topics that are taught at KS3 and KS4 to make it easy to find a puzzle which fits a lesson objective. The puzzles have been extensively trialled in the classroom, and work well when used as starters, in plenaries and as a homework task.

This book is a not only a useful resource for practitioners of French, but also for cover teachers, because the easy to use answer section gives the teacher or learner immediate access to the answers, ideal for non-specialists and specialists alike.

Find out more: www.brilliantpublications.co.uk/book/les-problemes-logiques-et-lateraux-796

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A Gift for you on World Teachers’ Day!

5th October is World Teachers’ Day!

To celebrate we are offering a 20% discount on all the books and resources on the Brilliant Publications’ website. To get your discount, place your order as normal, then type in WTD18 when asked for a coupon code. Don’t forget to press ‘Apply Coupon’ to get your discount. Please feel free to share this offer with your friends!







Please have a look at our easy to use resources, which feature engaging approaches to learning, so as to inspire and motivate preschool, primary and secondary school pupils across the wide range of curriculum areas. With resources for English, maths, French, Spanish, science, physical education and art (to name a few) – we hope we have something for you. There are free sample pages for each book, so you can try before you buy!

This offer expires Monday, 8th October 2018.

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New secondary foreign languages catalogue!

Do you teach French, Spanish or German at Key Stage 3? If so, you should have a look at our new secondary foreign languages catalogue. We’ve got lots of practical resources to make your life easier.

Brilliant Publications - Secondary Modern Foreign Languages Catalogue

Secondary Modern Foreign Languages Catalogue


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Free Giveaway – French Play

9781783172450 | Fun French Fairy Tale Plays | Brilliant Publications

Fun French Fairy Tale Plays

Which sport do you think Snow White was good at?

‘Blanche-Neige et les nains sportifs’ is one of 10 humorous French plays written for primary school and lower secondary school children to help them improve their French. For this week only, we are giving you a free giveaway ebook of ‘Blanche-Neige et les nains sportifs’ (Snow White and the Sporty Dwarves). Why not try it with your children? We would like to hear their views of it.

Just in case you are wondering, the answer is that Snow White likes …………….. golf. If you want to know why, download the free giveaway!

These 10 short plays, specially written for teaching French in primary schools, are adaptations of well-known stories using characters which are already known to your children. Each story is given a humorous twist to capture the imagination of your children. For example, Rapunzel lives at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Your children will enjoy the challenge of learning a French play and will gain confidence performing it to an audience of adults and/or fellow pupils. Children will probably need several weeks to rehearse and prepare for the performances which usually last 5–10 minutes.

The stage directions are detailed as some of the story and humour is conveyed through the characters’ actions. Most of the lines are short simple phrases that pupils are likely to know already or are easy to learn.

Each play has a specific language focus, making it easy to link the plays to topics the pupils are studying. For example Cendrillon gives children practice at expressing opinions and uses language useful for home activities. It uses simple phrases in the present tense. Another play, la Petite Poule Rousse, uses simple phrases containing verbs with ‘je’. It allows children to practise language useful for mealtimes.

The book contains 10 reproducible scripts, English translations and suggestions for performing the plays. The CD-Rom included with the book contains audio files of native French speakers performing the plays as well as a pdf version of the book which can be used on interactive white boards. There are sample pages on our website.

Download our free giveaway play – ‘Blanche-Neige et les nains sportifs’
Find out more about this book on our website.

You can order the ‘Fun French Fairy Tale Plays’ in any of these ways:
• On our website: www.brilliantpublications.co.uk
• By phone on 01449 766629
• By fax on 01449 768047
• By email to orders@tradecounter.co.uk


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Educational publishers DO make a difference

In these difficult times, with budgets being cut and uncertainties over how the changes outlined in the White Paper will affect schools, I was delighted last week to hear some good news for a change.

An independent research project funded by the Educational Publishers Council found that pupils in schools that spend more on professionally published resources improve faster than those in schools that spend less. Data collected from over 13,500 primary schools and 3800 secondary schools showed that schools that spend more on published resources were a third more likely to record above-average improvement in attainment. Here at Brilliant Publications, we invest thousands every year, at our own risk, developing creative teaching materials, so it’s wonderful to have independent confirmation that spending on published resources is still one of the most cost-effective ways of improving teaching and learning.

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