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What is one of the best ways to give children the confidence to speak French?

Singing songs is a fun way of helping children to develop an enthusiasm for French. The 20 songs in ‘J’aime Beaucoup Chanter en Français!’ are set to familiar tunes, so you and the children can concentrate on the words without having to learn new tunes. You will all soon be confidently singing in French!

The songs introduce and reinforce vocabulary for many frequently taught topics. Sing about different modes of transport to, appropriately enough, the tune of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ or explore the contents of a pencil case to the tune of ‘Frère Jacques’.

The songs are ideal for use with children through all stages of their primary education but especially Key Stage 2.

The CD-Rom contains recordings of all the songs, sung by native French speakers, as well as music tracks to enable ‘karaoke’ performances and colour versions of the flashcards from the book.

The accompanying book contains words to all the songs, together with English translations, as well as teaching ideas and attractive photocopiable flashcards to help children understand the content of the songs.

Visit our website for more information and sample material on  J’aime Beaucoup Chanter en Français!

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Achieve correct French pronunciation, using sound and action links

“Wow…. that could have been a real French speaker saying that!!!”

Wouldn’t you love to be able to say that to your French students? I’ve taken the above quote from a great blog post by Helen Myers, Chair of the London branch of the Association for Language Learning: http://helenmyers.blogspot.co.uk/ Thank you, Helen, for writing such a great review of Physical French Phonics!


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Learn how to teach French Phonics at Language World

We are delighted that Sue Cave, one of our authors, will be talking on Friday, 4 April at the Language World conference at Lancaster University, Bailrigg, Lancaster.

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