Who we are

Edlesborough Church from our Office

Edlesborough Church from our Office

Brilliant Publications publishes creative educational books, e-books, flashcards, CDs, DVDs and other resources to support, challenge and inspire early years, primary and lower secondary school teachers and pupils. If you’re looking for easy-to-use practical resources, you’ve come to the right place. We publish resources for most curriculum areas, including:

  • Songs, games, lesson plans and fun activities for teaching French, Spanish, German and Italian
  • Well laid-out worksheets for English, mathematics and science
  • Inspiring assembly stories
  • Engaging materials for personal and social education (PSHE)
  • Fantastic ideas for developing art skills
  • Creative ways of motivating all your pupils, whatever their ability
  • Ideas for stretching the gifted and talented
  • Stories for reluctant readers

What makes our books different?

We focus on producing high quality, well-designed materials that make teaching and learning enjoyable and rewarding for both teachers and pupils.

We are committed to producing materials that allow children aged 0–14 to learn and develop skills.

We believe that children learn best in the following ways:

  • By playing and actively joining in
  • When they are challenged
  • When they perceive the activity as relevant, fun and enjoyable
  • When they are rewarded with success
  • Through practice and reinforcement

We produce materials to support all of these ways of learning.

Brilliant Publications was established in 1993 and is a partnership between Priscilla Hannaford and Richard Dorrance. Both partners were teachers and have always been involved in the educational sector and all our authors come from teaching backgrounds. We are based in the small village of Edlesborough, on the Bedfordshire/ Buckinghamshire border in England.

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  1. who is your canadian distributor

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